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No anti-competitive practice by importers in increased prices of Phenol used in laminate sheets

October 15, 2020[2020] 120 184 (CCI)

COMPETITION LAW : Where informant involved in manufacture of decorative laminate sheets, popularly known as Sunmica, one of whose major raw materials is Phenol filed information against OP-importers who supplied Phenol in Indian market alleging cartelization by importers in January, February and March 2016 to increase price of Phenol, it was held that high phenol prices during February-March 2016, coupled with fact that importers, trader and brokers of phenol used to meet, though purportedly infrequently, did tend to raise some suspicion, but in absence of any corroborative evidence OPs could not be condemned of having indulged in an anti-competitive conduct of forming a cartel and violating provisions of Section 3 and, thus, no case of contravention of Section 3 against OPs was made out

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